Mick’s Quail Inn was a famous restaurant known throughout the Southern Maryland area for “Wild Game Dinners” and a delicious “all you can eat” seafood buffet. The owner, Mick Couchenour, started the restaurant in the late 1960’s.


In 1985, Mick completely remodeled the restaurant due to expanding clientele coming from the DC area looking for upscale dining. In the mid-90’s chain restaurants started to shift the customer base away from fine dining. Mick decided to close his restaurant and pursue other opportunities.


In 1995, one of Mick’s employees, Karen Berry, suggested Mick start marketing his delicious cream of crab soup at local markets, delis and grocery stores. Karen also worked part-time in the marketing department at a local Sam’s Club and promoted his crab soup by demoing it on the weekends. The Sam’s Club general manager was so impressed with the fresh taste and popularity of the soup that he encouraged Mick to get it canned so they could carry it in their seafood section. Mick and Karen worked with a co-pack cannery on the Eastern Shore to produce his recipe for cream of crab soup. Over the next few years several other recipes -- shrimp, lobster, scallop, clam chowder w/crab and Chesapeake potato -- were introduced.


In January 2010, Mick decided to retire. He went back to the one person that helped him start this endeavor and asked her if she wanted to takeover the business. Karen and her husband Carl jumped at the opportunity and have never looked back since.




Please welcome Lauren and Dale Pinder! We are happy to introduce you to our Eastern Shore distributors for the Mick's Crab Soup brand!
Please welcome Jeff and Lisa Ewer! We are happy to announce that they'll be working as our Florida sales team (Team Orlando). We look forward to their partnership with Mick's Crab Soup!


“We look forward to making Mick’s Gourmet Soups the most widely recognized brand of seafood soups out there. We are bringing together some of the best resources to distribute our soups and have high hopes of making our soups known across the nation.”
-- Karen and Carl Berry